Thursday, August 16, 2012

Plan A Romantic Staycation

There are very practical reasons why you shouldn't go away on a tropical island vacation. Most of them are in your back account. But just because you're skipping going out of town on a fabulous getaway doesn't mean that you should deny you and your spouse a fabulous romantic vacation together. You could stay home and enjoy "the nest" that you've created together. You'll save pennies and relax and rekindle your romance. We've got a few ideas about how you can create a fabulous romantic staycation.

1. Don't do chores on your staycation.
You're taking a week off work to relax and unwind and reconnect with your significant other. Now is not the time to try and multitask. You can't have a relaxing vacation and retile the bathroom shower. You shouldn't be planning to get through a list of household repairs during your staycation. Instead, make plans to get your chores done before you take time off -- so that you don't have anything on your "to do" list during your staycation.

2. Make a budget for your vacation.
It will be a lot cheaper going on vacation in your home than going away to a luxury resort, but you can still run up a hefty bill by shopping and eating out every single meal. Make sure that you know exactly how much money you want to spend on your vacation and plan every day to be sure that you don't exceed the limit.

3. Don't pinch pennies by cooking every meal at home.
Make plans to eat breakfast and lunch at places that you've always wanted to try -- but didn't have the time because you had to work. Sure, you can make a couple of healthy dinner meals at home -- just make sure that you enjoy your meals with a glass of wine and light some candles to create a romantic atmosphere.

4. Don't let friends and family take over your vacation.
Just because you've got the time to help your brother move or pick up your sister's kids and babysit them after school every night, doesn't mean that you should agree to do this kind of activity on your staycation. You don't have to tell your family that you're planning on staying in and relaxing at home. Planning a romantic staycation is the perfect time to tell some little white lies.

5. Act like a tourist in your own hometown.
There isn't a place on earth that doesn't have an interesting museum, park or art gallery that you can go and visit. Find out what is the attraction in your hometown and make plans to go there and enjoy discovery something new about the place where you live.

6. Do something romantic every night.
It doesn't matter if it's going out dancing or having a bubble bath for two, make sure that every day of your vacation includes some time for you and your partner to be intimate together. Go out dancing at a club, go to a wine bar, or make out in the last row of a movie theatre. You can rekindle the romance by making sure that you plan time for it every day.

7.  Sleep in.
Why not? It's not every day that you can indulge in this simple pleasure. So make plans to turn off the alarm before you go to sleep at night.

8. Take a vacation from your diet.
You wouldn't be counting every single calorie if you were on vacation on a Greek island, so put the scale away for a few days. You can get back to your regular diet and exercise program at the end of your vacation.

9.  Take photos of your staycation
You're relaxed and refreshed -- could you think of a better time to get a few snaps of yourself and the one you love. Make sure you snap a few photos of your fun time together.

10. Have sex.
Why not? This is what it's all about.

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