Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Honey Meet Bunny: How To Intro Your Partner To Your Toys

You can't ignore it. The stats are on your side. A recent article in Self magazine quotes research from The Journal of Sexual Medicine  that says people who use vibrators say they have a stronger libido and reach orgasm more easily.

Ok, you had us at "orgasm"...

We love vibrators, but have you told your honey that you and your bunny are getting it on when he's not around?  Vibrators and sex toys that you use for solo sex can be intimidating to a new partner, but there are some ways you can make the first time introduction of your new boy to your toy a little less awkward.

1. Don't intimidate.
Telling your man that you like to play with sex toys can be a big turn on for him, but it can also be very intimidating. Introduce your man to a non-phallic shaped toy the first time you play in bed. And make sure that you keep the giant oversized dildo tucked safely under the bed until you're both comfortable with playtime between the sheets.

2. Let's Talk.
Have a conversation about your use of sex toys somewhere outside of the bedroom. Be fun and playful, this kind of conversation can be very seductive and arouse enough curiosity in your man to over come any intimidation he might be feeling.

3. Reciprocate
Encourage your man to masturbate in front of you. Show him how you use your vibrator and then put him in charge of the toys. Once he knows that he can give you pleasure, you can be assured that nap time is over and play time has begun. Enjoy the new intimacy that your shared love of toys can bring.


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  2. I am very safe sex conscious. Maybe to a point I am to careful. And if a girl uses anything over 6 inches long, and over a 1.5 inches in circumference. My mind usually goes to. Well if she is lose enough to fit that in with ease, what and who else has she had up there. Is she lying about how many partners she has had. At that point I am so paranoid I usually just never talk to them again. Is that being intimidated or just down right paranoid?