Friday, August 24, 2012

Get Naughty Outdoors This Labor Day Weekend!

As Labor Day weekend approaches, it seems as if summer is coming to a close. We all want to fit in a bit more last- minute sexy fun before the school year starts, and the cool weather sends us all indoors. Why not take advantage of the last of the great summer weather this weekend? Labor Day is your last chance to have sex after wiggling out of a pair of white pants for this year. It may also be your last chance to have sex on the beach or in the backyard this year. This weekend just might be the perfect time to seize the day and do some a little naughty outdoors. Feeling frisky? We've got some sexy ways you can celebrate the last days of summer.

Go on a nature hike! 
You'll probably be surprised to discover how many amazing walking trails there are close to your home. A few minutes online and you'll be able to find a path that will take you back to nature. Go close to home, or take a day trip to discover a new place.  Enjoy a wooded trail or rocky overlook. You get extra points for if you indulge in a little backwoods groping -- just make sure you're both well-hidden in the trees.

Get hitched!
You and your partner don't have to be the ones walking down the aisle. There's always someone getting married over Labor Day weekend. It's hard not to feel romantic when vows of forever love are softly being whispered, and sweet love songs are being played. You and your partner will be reminded of your commitment to each other, and it just may inspire you both to get down with some hot wedding night sex later on. 

Plan a last minute getaway!
You don't have to go far to find a resort that will put you in the mood. Find a hotel with a luxury spa and schedule an intimate couples massages. Take advantage of room service and rekindle your romance by staying in bed all weekend. If you must get up and move around, check to see if your hotel has a topless pool, where you and your partner can enjoy an almost-naked dip.  

Pull up the drawbridge for a romantic staycation!
Tell your friends that you're going out of town for the weekend, then unplug and unwind. No internet searches or cell phone calls, just you and your partner relaxing behind closed bedroom doors.  Cook-out in your own backyard, open the red wine you've been saving for a special occasion, and enjoy being alone together. 

Get naughty!
Do something X-rated with your sexy playmate. Make out at a matinee showing your local movie theatre. Shop for naughty lingerie. Pick out some new toys at the adult store. Go to a gallery or museum with a nude art exhibit. Or watch a little porn at home on the television. Labor Day is a great weekend to remind you and your partner about all the sensual pleasures you can share together.

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  1. There is something erotic about being alone with your partner surrounded by nature. :) Great suggestions.