Friday, December 21, 2012

Stumped For Holiday Gift Giving?

What are you giving your special someone this year? Romantic gifts can be very popular to give and receive over the holidays, but it can be difficult to know what to get. Everyone else seems to have all the ideas -- but you're stumped. No worries! You can make this Christmas extra special by using a bit of creativity and treat your lover to a gift they'll never forget! 

For Her

Framed Photo Or Scrapbook
There are days at the office when the only way she's going to make it from 9am until 5pm is knowing that you are waiting for her at the end of a long hard day. So put one of your favorite moments together in a frame and put it under the tree.
It doesn't have to be expensive, it just has to be from you. Check out her style. Does she like to wear vintage or modern clothes? That will dictate what kind of jewelry to buy. And don't be shy about enlisting one of her close friends to help select something special.
Vintage or Antique
You know how much she's been shopping in those cute little antique stores, so why not indulge her passion and find something that she wouldn't dare buy for herself.
A Weekend Getaway
This gift tells her that you want to spend quality time with her. There is nothing more precious that you can give anyone than time.
Stick with silk, satin and lace robes, camis, baby dolls, slip dresses, bras, and panties. Remember that part of feeling sexy is how the garment feels against her skin.

For Him

A bottle of something….expensive
He dreams about having a wine cave in his weekend home, but he can't afford to have a wine cooler in the basement. So give him a little something that will spark his interest in wines or whiskey. Something he wouldn't or couldn't buy for himself.
Sweater or Throw
Something warm and snuggly to keep the chill away on a cold winter night. And something so soft that you wouldn't mind finding yourself pressed up against it.
Show tickets
There's a song by a band that he sings along to in the car all the time. There's the band that he loves that he's never seen live. There's his favorite sports team. There are so many events, and you can enjoy seeing a show with him if you give him tickets for Christmas.
A Wristwatch
A watch is such a nice masculine piece of jewelry. And wouldn't it be nice for him to wear something that reminds him of you every day.
If you are in a trusting relationship with your partner, you may want to introduce a few new toys to your love life. There are many different options ranging from vibrators, furry handcuffs, and blindfolds to a "love swing". Maybe this is the year to take the plunge. And don't forget the lube!

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