Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Is Halloween The Hottest Time For Hook Ups?

Halloween provides plenty of opportunities for meeting new people and re-energizing long-term relationships. The masquerade -- the act of concealing your face -- and dressing in disguise encourages people to leave their everyday personalities behind and step outside themselves. A Halloween costume party lends itself to cocktails, festive party games and lots and lots of flirting. Even if you've got a long-term partner, when you're both dressed up for Halloween, it may feel like a first date.

Choosing what to wear for Halloween is very important. Your costume will play a part in how much fun you have. It's worth putting in extra effort to ensure that you stand out from a crowd of vampires, ghosts and zombies. And just as a reminder, so you don't get yourself into any trouble, couples costumes are everywhere. Should you meet a Wilma, make sure you check over your shoulder for Fred Flintstone. He won't be far behind.

Here are five reasons why Halloween is the sexiest time of year:

1. Sexy Costumes
Let's face it, most women describe their Halloween costume by saying, "I'm going as a sexy (insert name of animal, fairy or princess) here. Key word is "sexy". Halloween is an excuse to show off what you've got going on. So it's not difficult to find yourself attracted to someone on Halloween night. Just remember, women aren't likely to want to make out with a guy who's sporting an open axe wound on his head. And don't forget that any weapons -- even though they're made out of plastic -- can be dangerous out on the streets. Use caution outside of bars and parties.

2. Easy Opening Lines
"So who are you?" The question is de rigueur at any Halloween costume party. You don't have to dream up a pithy opening line. Questions about each other's costumes -- and the thinking behind it -- are completely expected. So get out there and mix and mingle -- you'll have plenty to talk about with your new friends.

3.  Fantasy party locations
Many people decorate their homes to resemble graveyards before they invite a bunch of people over to the house to celebrate Halloween. But many Halloween parties are held in barns and historic "haunted" locations that probably aren't open during other times of the year. You may be able to get inside of the old abandoned theatre that you've wondered about for years. Or maybe it's a historic farm house. It could be a room with a fantastic view. Halloween is wonderful time to push the fantasy to the limit.
4. Role-playing
We all played dress up games when we were kids, now pretending to be someone else can be taken to a whole new level. Role playing and fantasy at Halloween are great ways to be intimate with your partner at Halloween. And if you're single, role playing at Halloween can turn someone shy into someone bold. You never know who you might meet. Role playing can most certainly add passion to any relationship and an adventure into your lovemaking that may have been missing. The act of pretending to be somebody else can be a fun way of self-discovery, as well as to delve into each other’s imagination, dreams and desires.
5. Sexy party games
A Halloween party is a great time to bob for apples or pass fruit from neck to neck. You can find "dirty" board games at adult video stores or party planning centers. Or try putting a sexy twist on Truth or Dare, Chance and even Twister can be sexy if played right (keep in mind all the short skirts around). Find a partner who you find interesting and then let the games begin.

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