Monday, October 29, 2012

10 Things To Do During A Hurricane

As Hurricane Sandy begins to unleash hell on the eastern seaboard, it seems like a good time to stay home.  Even if you end up without power -- including heat, electricity and -- gasp! -- the internet,  there’s still loads of stuff to do around the house as you wait (and pray) for the storm to pass without doing too much harm.

1. Evacuate!
If the authorities tell you to get out, get out! Go to a Red Cross shelter if you have to, but staying behind could put your life and the lives of others at risk. Which brings us to number two…

2.  Help others
Keep your eyes and ears open for others in need and do what you can to keep each other safe without putting yourselves in harm's way.

3. Get social
No, not social media. Give your iPhone a rest. Invite other people over -- especially people who may be directly in the storm's path and are being evacuated from their homes. Light a fire in the fireplace, pass out blankets, break out the junk food rations, play board games, play poker, and enjoy spending some time together.

4.  Find the bottom of your "in box"
It's there, hiding beneath all of the bills and business that you never have to time or attention to attend to…you've got a little extra of both -- why not take this time to get organized?

5.  Catch up on your correspondence
There's a reason why William Shakespeare is quoted time and time again -- he's a great writer! And he also had a lot of practice writing letters with a quill pen by the light of a candle. You don't have to have access to email to send notes to friends. 

6. Start drinking!
Now is the time to start drinking. Invite a few friends over and taste a flight of wine, or beer, or whiskey or tequila… Or you can have a cocktail contest -- who can make the best mixed drink named after Hurricane Sandy? It's five o'clock somewhere -- and if there isn't a happy hour during a hurricane when is there one?

 7.  Clean the house
Can't sit still? Put your nervous energy to good use and do the deep cleaning around the house that you're always wishing that you had the time to do.

8. Read a dirty book
Indulge your imagination with a little bit of erotica. Or let yourself drift away to someplace warm and idyllic in a romantic adventure. You don't have to ever stop.

9.  Take a nap
Are you always operating on the edge of sleep deprivation? Now is a great time to settle in and enjoy a little relaxation. There's nothing you can do, so let yourself slumber.

10. Have lots of sex!
People managed to get along just fine without lights, computers, or TV long before electricity. How is this possible?  They were getting' it on! You don't have to go all the way! Making out is also fun and romantic when you're worried that you may not live through the eye of the hurricane. If you're not in a relationship, get busy. If you're single, you should get busy too!  We hope you bought extra batteries (and lube) during your storm prep.

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