Thursday, October 18, 2012

Halloween Recipe For Fake Blood

Turn Halloween into a fun fright fest with realistic fake blood.  Nothing adds to the thrills and chills of Halloween like this recipe for realistic fake blood! Did you know Hollywood special effects artists often use lubricants to make a gory and realistic looking blood?  Now you can make fake blood at home just like the Hollywood pros with Wet® Personal Lubricants.

Here's the recipe: 

1. Wet® Gellee Personal Lubricant (water-based)
2. Wet® Original Personal Lubricant (water-based)
3. Red food coloring
4. Blue or green food coloring
5. Chocolate syrup


Start with Wet® Gellee.  Pour about 3/4 of the total amount of blood needed in a bowl.  Add enough Wet® Original until the consistency is just slightly thicker than water. Then add a drop or two of red food coloring.  Add blue or green to shift the color to something more bloodlike.  Add chocolate syrup until the color darkens and the mixture becomes more opaque.

Tips & Tricks:
·         Wear gloves when applying. 
·         Use a toothpick or the back of pen to create "cuts".
·         Flinging it on your body or a "crime scene" area creates very realistic splatters. 
·         Do not use near eyes or ears.
·         Use this recipe with caution. It will stain just about everything it touches.

BONUS:  You'll still have plenty of Wet Gellee and Wet Original leftover to keep around for great sex!

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