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5 Reasons Doctors Recommend Wet Personal Lubricant

Sex. It’s something we all do. It’s something we all think about. It’s something we all desire. But what happens when sex becomes painful or you just can’t get aroused?

For men, arousal disorders typically come in the form of failure to have or maintain an erection long enough for sex to occur. The solution is simple: Viagra.

For women the answer is not so easy. Women face a number of issues that can decrease her libido, making sex painful, irritating and quite frankly a chore. It’s a frustrating topic because the vast majority of reasons for a decreased libido are things out of a woman’s control: menopause, breast-feeding, disease, and side-effects of medications, to name a few. All these issues result in unenjoyable sex with their partner, which in turn leads to a lack of intimacy in their relationship(s), which in turn leads to having less sex. It’s a vicious cycle so serious that professions exist solely to solve it: marriage counselors, sex therapists, post-menopausal practitioners, medical doctors, and so forth and so on. We here at Wet decided to speak with some of these doctors, and were overwhelmed by their enthusiasm for our product and how it has helped their patients regain a new sense of intimacy in to their lives.

Here are the top 5 reasons Medical Professionals recommend Wet Personal Lubricant:

1.  Wet is an over-the-counter solution for temporary relief from vaginal drynessVaginal dryness is a common sexual arousal disorder. The causes of vaginal dryness are numerous, with the most common being: menopause, breast-feeding, disease, medication side-effects, stress/anxiety, hormonal imbalances, and low self-esteem. When vaginal dryness occurs, and a lubricant is not applied to either party prior to penetration, the likely result is that sex will feel like sandpaper. When that happens, her muscles shut down and her vagina says “No More. Game Over”.

The good news is, this situation can be prevented and fixed.

Doctor Lauren Streicher, Associate Clinical Professor of OBGYN at Northwestern University’s Medical School and author of Love Sex Again, recommends a silicone-based lubricant as a solution for vaginal dryness during sex. “Silicone is slippery, long lasting, latex compatible and does not carry the risk of causing a vaginal yeast infection,” Streicher says. She recommends a silicone-based lubricant over a water-based lubricant, because it is longer lasting and less likely to cause irritation.

Dr. Erin Gertz, Instructor of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Science at Mount Sinai Hospital also recommends Wet Platinum for vaginal dryness. She tells us “I’ve recommended Wet to many of my menopausal patients and they love these lubricants. They are so happy to have a non-hormonal alternative for vaginal atrophy systems.”

2.  Wet is an excellent choice for menopausal and breast-feeding women.
Menopause can be an emotional time for women, not only because of the mood changes brought on by the vast decrease in her estrogen levels, but because she often believes it means the end of having a healthy sex life. Breast-feeding women also experience a decrease in her levels of estrogen, which often leads to the emergence of temporary menopausal like symptoms.

We discussed vaginal dryness above, which is an inevitable side effect of going through changes to estrogen levels. However, burning and painful intercourse are also hallmarks of decreased estrogen levels. Using a Wet Personal Lubricant that meets your needs will certainly help overcome these problems.

“I prefer the silicone-based lubricants for my post-menopausal and breast-feeding patients,” Dr. Stephanie Lee tells Wet. “I end up writing ‘Wet Platinum’ on pieces of paper and sending patients off on a search to their local pharmacy!”

To find out which Wet Lubricant is right for you, please take our online questionnaire by visiting Which Formula is Right for You?

3.  Wet Brings Couples Closer Together. It doesn’t take a doctor’s advice to figure out that physical intimacy is an important part of any romantic relationship. When arousal disorders arise in either partner, it can create friction and feelings of grief. Every relationship experiences its ups and downs, but an arousal disorder can create long-lasting ‘down times’.  Fortunately, Wet Lubricants, Inttimo by Wet™ Aromatherapy Massage and Bath Oils and Wet® Nuru™ Body-On-Body Massage Gel can help bring that spark back in to your life, to make you and your partner feel as good as new and feel closer than ever.

“Wet Lubricants products are a great ‘ice-breaker’ for patients that have arousal disorders to go home and try,” says Dr. Christine Isaacs.

Since Wet makes many products, ranging from silicone-based, water-based,  hybrid (water + silicone), cooling, warming, anal and flavored lubricants, to Wet® wOw Clitoral Arousal Gel, and a ‘his-her together’ lubricant, Dr. Isaacs is right. There are an array of options to choose from, that will certainly spice up your sex life.

“When my patients simply ask their partner to apply Wet Lubricant, that itself is a positive factor in helping many inhibited couples learn to make love to one another. It gives people permission to be openly sexual and be ‘daring’,” says Dr. Kenneth Pollock, Director of the Sexual Health Practice at New York Medical College.

4.  Wet Is Available Everywhere.  Wet has been widely available in love boutiques since 1989.  We understand that not everyone is comfortable visiting their local adult boutique. And not all of us live in a city where adult boutiques exist. Wet is now available in all major pharmacies and mass market retailers across the United States and Canada.  The adult boutiques offer a wider selection of Wet products and other intimacy products.  Wherever you choose to go, you’ll find Wet there. 

“Not a day goes by that I do not mention your products,” says Dr. Jacob Klein. “The availability in CVS and Walgreens has certainly helped.”

To locate a store near you, that carries Wet, please visit Wet Locator.

5.  Wet is the best. Wet is worth it.  Dr. Michael Goodman, pioneer of the development and advancement of Minimally Invasive Gynecological Surgery and author of MEN-opause, The Book For Men, tells Wet, “I LOVE your products and they are #1 on my list of recommended personal lubricants for my patients (as well as #1 off the shelf at home, but that is another matter). A major part of my practice involves sexual medicine, and I always counsel regarding external lubricants. Favorites are your 'Wet Original' and 'Wet Platinum'. I just bought a bottle of Wet Platinum and have it at my girlfriend’s house.”

Dr. Lauren Streicher recently appeared on The Steve Harvey Show, holding a bottle of Wet Platinum in her hands, recommending a silicone-based lubricant to the 40% of women who currently experience a sexual arousal disorder. She explains that “...while household products such as olive oil, baby oil or lotions may be more affordable, they are not recommended because of their potential for yeast infections, irritation and not being condom compatible. Cheap household items Are not designed to be used in or around the vagina.”

What it boils down to is you get what you pay for. Wet Lubricants can enhance your life. Dr. Colleen Swayze, board certified Obstetrician Gynecologist agrees. “Wet is a Godsend,” she says.

Kylene Wolfstein, Blogger for Wet Personal Lubricants

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