Friday, February 7, 2014

February 14th Is Not Just Valentine’s Day, It’s Also National Condom Day!

Dr. Laura Streicher Recommends Lubricant, by Wet

Why is it important to have a National Condom Day you ask?  Unfortunately, most people don’t realize that HIV infections are still on the rise and this is in part because most infected people don’t even know they are infected.  Don’t be fooled into having unprotected sex just because your potential partner, especially a new partner, says they were recently tested and are “clean”.  They may truly believe they are telling the truth about having been cleared, when they may not even be aware that they are not. In fact, many who get tested for STD’s wrongly assume they are being tested for HIV when in reality, this is not necessarily true.  Your doctor or clinic will only test you for HIV if you specifically ask for that test, so even though they got an "All Clear" result from a recent visit, it may be only for the list of STDs the doctor tested for.  So, bottom line, if you are having sex, we always recommend having safe sex.  

And we also suggest using a latex-friendly lubricant, whether having anal sex or not, it is a good idea when using a condom.  Studies have found there is less breakage of condoms when a lubricant is used.  No matter what your age, a lubricant will make your experience more enjoyable.  We want you to try it and let us know if you agree.  Dr. Laura Streicher agrees--which is why she helped us get the word out during her appearance on a Windy City Live in Chicago last June and helped us in the  distribution of 50,000 safe sex kits there. Watch the video of Dr. Streicher's appearance on Windy City Live to hear what she says about choosing a silicone or water-based lubricant and much more during her Q and A from the viewers, watch the hilarity…

And remember ladies, if you are old enough to be having sex, then don’t be shy…carry your own condoms.  Don’t rely on him to bring a condom to the party.  And of course, get tested!